These pages include various objects and content you find in Mura CMS. This section can be deleted or not included in navigation when doing site build-out.


A sampling of how you could easily setup a news area on your site and what it would look like in this particular theme.


With Mura CMS, you can quickly and easily create photo galleries! This is an example of how your photo gallery would render within this theme.

Navigation Objects

Mura CMS offers a number of pre-designed navigational display objects which can be used throughout your site. Here you'll find a sampling of those display objects which are available by going to the Content Objects tab and selecting 'System' from the Available Display Objects dropdown list.

Portal Example

Portals are simply summary lists of content stored beneath it. If the child content contains an associated image, an auto-generated thumbnail of that content will be able to appear along with the title, summary and other attributes in the summary list.


Mura CMS offers an extremely simple way to display content such as events in a calendar format.  Simply add a 'Calendar' and then each 'Page' you add beneath that should contain a 'Display Start' and 'Display Stop' date and time.  The content title will automatically appear on the calendar display and be clickable, allowing users to view more details about each event.

Feeds & Favorites

With Mura CMS, as a logged in user, you can create personalized displays of RSS Feeds and save specific pages to your 'favorites' so you have one-click access to regularly visited content each time you visit the site.

Password-Protected Page

A sample of how to easily protect content from unauthorized visitors. If you have enabled 'Allow Public Site Registration' in your Site Settings, you may also allow new visitors to register prior to viewing the content.

Site Map

Simply go to the Content Objects tab, select 'System' from the Available Content Objects dropdown, click 'Site Map' and then simply assign that to your desired display region (typically the Main Content area).